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    Exclamation Error Code Issues!

    Hello all...

    Recently I have been using Carbide's new edition which you guys released. Very Nice one that I must admit. Anyway.... I created some themes but for almost 3 themes which I worked on I could not re open them because of some Error Message I got... Specifically this:

    "org.xml.saxSaxParseException: Attribute 'status' must be declared for element type 'element'"

    It would be really very appreciative of you if you tell me the solve this problem and explain it in a way so that we, the not so techie guys can understand easily lol... I know you guys are busy but still if you can then do take care of it at your most earliest. Its so damn frustrating ya know..

    Here is the tdf file for one of the themes that is bugging me with this issue very much...http://www.waphq.net/wap.php and enter ID ID: 846333
    or alternatively if that doesnt work for some reason then please redirect yourself to http://www.wappal.com/wap.php and enter ID 846682.

    My E:mail addy is floydoholic@gmail.com and just in case if this is of any help then I'm on XP SP2!

    Eagerly looking forward for a quick easy solution and oh ...thanks in advance!

    Shine on!

    GØЧ' ØF ÇHÆا

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    Re: Error Code Issues!

    Same problem here !!!

    Have you got a solution yet?



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