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    www.symbiansigned.com improvements???


    I create the certificate request, but following message was displayed when I tried to create devloper ceritficate:

    Developer Certificates are provided for testing purposes only and not for distribution purposes. This is clearly stated in the terms and conditions signed up to by all users. If you require Developer Certificates for testing an application you are developing please send an email with the following information to symbiansigned@symbian.com
    Subject: Developer Certificate enable request:
    User name
    First Name Last Name
    Application Name
    Application Version
    Company Name
    Company Address

    What the FU.K it means? In last few weeks www.symiansigned.com didn't work at all, now I have to send mail somewhere????

    Customer is waiting for demo in US and I have two hours to sign it for his test phones -> it's Catch 22 situation... we are loosing money - any tip?


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    Re: www.symbiansigned.com improvements???

    I had also faced such a problem.

    According to my experience, for testing purpose we can use a developer certificate that we have already used for another application.


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    Re: www.symbiansigned.com improvements???

    the problems have been there for awhile, basically if it is time critical, you should check beforehand, anyway, I end up losing one week with one demo, which was annoying, but had good excuse to do lots of improvements, thus in the end didn't actually matter.

    Anyway, not ure if it matter, but I got email of paring errors once, and then I added ':' character after each line, which after I got everything working within 24 hour...

    User name:
    First Name Last Name:
    Application Name:
    Application Version:
    Company Name:
    Company Address:

    Dunno if it make any difference in reality, but could a well be...


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    Re: www.symbiansigned.com improvements???

    Petr: You're probably best to cross post any queries on the Symbian Signed forum on the Symbian Developer Network (http://developer.symbian.com/forum/forum.jspa?forumID=2) since the team are checking that more frequently than this board, and can post replies to assist you directly.

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