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Thread: network driver

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    network driver

    In the nokia website, i've seen the Modem driver,
    so you can use your Nokia phone as a modem from your PC.
    use it as a modem, means that you have to call to the telephone number of your isp, for example.
    But from the nokia, i have internet connection from my mobile company, without dealing any number. How can i use this internet connection from my PC? i cannot do it installing the modem driver, because i have to provide a telephone number, which one?
    instead, i think that there should be a "network driver", as in network driver you don't have to specify a number.

    am i right?

    the question is, how can i connect to internet using my nokia 8310 from my pc, and my mobile provider (ORANGE in Switzerland) (i don't want to use the modem feature and call a ISP...)

    ps: may be this was not the right forum to ask this question...
    where should i ask?

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    RE: network driver


    For operator related questions and ISP connection problems, I would recommend to contact the operator. For internet connection from PC via phone, you need to have modem software installed or you can dial the data call by using AT-commands from PC terminal software.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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