Hello all I need your advice,
I have an application deployed in hundreds of phones and it is still under development.
So when i have a new version ready it's a pain to deploy it for every customer. Especially if i have made some changes in DB, or new http requests because the user need to remove the previous version and install the new one after.

Now, in order to simplify the upgrade process I want to review my application architecture. In your expirience what the best way to do?

I want to split the application in several plugins using ecom, or dlls.
I tried to download a dll and copy is to sys/lib but it's a restricted directory.. Then I think i would create a SIS with type SISSYSTEM that install the dll's new version.
Is there a more efficient way? Is it possible to do in silently? Without user input and without exiting the application?

Thanks so much for your future help /comment/advice.