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    Open C contest w/o Linux support(?)

    I don't think it makes sense to do a Open Source porting contest
    using only development tools for a closed-source platform. This
    essentially prevents all people who are only using Linux - like
    myself - to join.

    Concerning what can be done with OSS: take a look at my libxvid port
    from a few years ago, using a relatively flexible way to port all
    libraries that use static writable variables. This is and always was a
    far more limiting restriction to S60 development than missing

    But I'm pretty sure all the scripts would have to be updated to reuse this for S60 3rd rev., and a fine, clean, fast g++ toolchain is for me at least much preferrable to the overweight development kits which are so common on Win32 nowadays.

    Not sure where this comment fits - it is more a criticism of the general strategy of Nokia... feel free to offer suggestions.

    Dr. Alexander K. Seewald

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    Re: Open C contest w/o Linux support(?)

    The competition is about porting code from somewhere else to Symbian/S60 using those tools that are available for Symbian/S60 development today (unfortunately that makes it difficult for Linux or Mac developers that do not or cannot use the Windows based Symbian/S60 development tools).

    There are several existing threads requesting Linux or OSX based development tools for Symbian.

    Only suggestions I can offer are:
    - Don't develop for Symbian/S60 until Linux tools are available, or
    - Use Windows to develop for Symbian/S60 today, or
    - Try something like this: http://www.martin.st/symbian/

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