I want to receive a WAP-PUSH SMS sent to my mobile phone with my J2ME application. Here is the scenario:

I'm developing an IMPS Java client which communicates with an IMPS server using WAP-PUSH over SMS as the preferred CIR.

The server application will send a WAP-PUSH SMS over a PPG to the phone. The PPG sends it to the port 2948 which is reserved for the connectionless session protocol in J2ME(WMA). I cannot open a listener on this port because it is reserved. From what I know is that the AMS of the phone should parse the application id of the SMS and forward it to the application that has registered for it.

Here comes my problem: How do I register my application to receive the WAP-PUSH SMS in Java?
Also, I read that the first application who registers an id with the AMS will get all SMS and consume them. So if a native application already has registered for the application id I have to use is there no way I can receive the SMS in my application?