Hi everyone.

I have a problem with my Nokia 5300. The problem occurred about two weeks ago and then escalates up to today, where it now has gone all bad.

The problem is my memory card. I haven’t changed it, so it is the original card that came with the phone.
It started with, that my phone couldn’t find my memory card. Then I had to shut down the phone and start it up again. It worked.

But now, I can’t get my phone to see the card. I’ve tried to take the card out of the phone and then inserted it again.
When I do that, the phone can see the card, but when I try to enter it, it says that the card isn’t formatted and therefore can’t be accessed.
According to the Nokia 5300 manual, I’ve to enter the memory card to format it – so it’s quite a paradox. I would like to back my card up, but that doesn’t seem to be a possibility.

Is there a way to format the memory card or is there someone with a explanation and/or a solutions to this problem? It’s really frustrating.

I just updated my phone, so the newest version of the software is installed. I’ve backup my contacts, messages and calendar – and some of the pictures from mymemory card. I could access it in the beginning of the backup / update, but suddenly it disappeared.

- Emil