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    sis file

    Hello there
    i know that u are bored by my questions regards sis file but i cant understand whats going on . i've developed 2 c++ symbian games and both games are running gr8 on the emulator . the problem shows when i try to build the sis file and move this to phone .
    for example first of my projects is a pool game .
    after i have all files project i compile the source file using " abld build armi urel" . i get 2 files "pool.app" and "pool.rsc" which are included in final sis file .
    the aif file for quartz was build using aifbuilder and im sure this file is ok.
    the pkg file is as follows :
    ; Installation file for Pool application
    ; UID is the app's UID
    ; Supports Series 60 v0.9
    (0x101F6F88), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}

    "c:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\release\Armi\Urel\Pool.app" -"!:\system\apps\Pool\Pool.app"
    "c:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\release\Armi\Urel\Pool.rsc" -"!:\system\apps\Pool\Pool.rsc"
    "c:\lucru\Pool\Aif\Pool.aif" -"!:\system\apps\Pool\Pool.aif"
    "c:\lucru\Pool\bitmaps\images.mbm" -"!:\system\apps\Pool\images.mbm"
    "c:\lucru\Pool\Sounds\shot.wav" -"!:\system\apps\Pool\shot.wav"
    "c:\lucru\Pool\Sounds\badshot.wav" -"!:\system\apps\Pool\badshot.wav"
    "c:\lucru\Pool\Sounds\poolsplash.wav" -"!:\system\apps\Pool\poolsplash.wav"
    "c:\lucru\Pool\Sounds\poket.wav" -"!:\system\apps\Pool\poket.wav"

    the install process succed but when i try to launch the game is get an error message : " app.closed pool KERN-EXEC 3
    where im wrong now ?

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    RE: sis file

    Series 60 uses different icons than quartz. That's one thing that might cause a problem. Try without an icon or use the Series 60 AifBuilder.

    If this does not effect and the icon shows ok, then probably the problem is within the code.

    Debugging on the device is not possible, but you could use loops or some graphics to see how far your application gets. If you can't get through to the Application class, there is a problem in the installation packet and launching of the application. If it goes through, problem is in your code.

    Very rarely, but sometimes there is slight difference in implementation between the emulator and the device.

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