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    The 30 KB limit?

    How can there be a 30 KB limit for midlets. This effectively kills all attempts in making any game that is playable. Nokia 7650 has 4 MB memory so this limit is stupid. I don't buy the OTA explanation (There is alot more ways to download midlets). I downloaded a real one player, this application was 1 MB. I will switch to Ericsson P800 if they are smart enough to have a reasonable limit.
    It almost feels like Nokia is trying to prevent good applications to be developed!

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    RE: The 30 KB limit?


    The 30K limit is only for the Nokia 6310i, which was the first Nokia phone to support MIDP. It belongs to the business category and thus was not really designed to run games.
    Indeed, this limit is really small but you can do quite lots of thing anyway. If you're using an obfuscator, you can decrease the size of your program.

    Most Nokia handsets have a 64K limit (except the Nokia 3410, 50K, and the series 60, up to 4MB), so you have lots of space for your creativity I think.

    Maybe you downloaded a 1MB application but was it long? This is the problem! People don't like waiting. If you allow a large maximum midlet size then developers will build big games which are long to download. It will result a bad user experience, like for the WAP.

    OTA download is the only solution to deploy applications on a large number of appliance. Other way like IR, bluetooth or serial cable require a computer and it's too complicated for the general public, because it's necessary to have special softwares and hardware. And everybody doesn't have one, or doesn't have one when he wants to download a game, like for example in the bus, while reading an advertisement for a MIDP game in the newspaper.


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