Hello all. First, apologies after reading through many of the topics here, I feel Im asking a somewhat low tech question.

Ive a 6110 navigator. Quite frankly, an awesome bit of kit.

Problem is, I need a decent satnav program (route66 bundled with it just doesnt cut it).

The problem I have is that the internal GPS reciever is not an option for many satnav programs, most noteably tomtom. This is a huge annoyance for many, most noteably N95 users. Reportably copilot has a version out that supports it, but reviews are scarce and its expensive. I dont want another route66, and I already have a licence for tomtom I can transfer.

Ive looked at various things, such as this post: http://gagravarr.livejournal.com/126871.html but being honest, its a bit beyond me.

Ive heard that a possibility is to use a developer tool to read the 'registary' of the phone so I can see what port its using for the GPS device, and thus tell tomtom. -BTW tomtom cant be used because for symbian it doesnt give the option 'other NMEA (I think) device'-

I am not sure this would work, nor how to do it. I tried to download a developer package from forum nokia but the downloads dont seem to work today. Im not sure its the right thing to use anyways.

What Im asking for - cheekily - is for someone to put together an idiots guide to getting tomtom to use the internal reciever for the 6110 navigator, and N95. I figure if anyone can do it, its the people on here. Reading through some of the threads, thats some heavy duty stuff going on.

Anyways, I hope people can help, and thanks either way for reading.