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    6110 navigator/N95 GPS third party apps

    Hello all. First, apologies after reading through many of the topics here, I feel Im asking a somewhat low tech question.

    Ive a 6110 navigator. Quite frankly, an awesome bit of kit.

    Problem is, I need a decent satnav program (route66 bundled with it just doesnt cut it).

    The problem I have is that the internal GPS reciever is not an option for many satnav programs, most noteably tomtom. This is a huge annoyance for many, most noteably N95 users. Reportably copilot has a version out that supports it, but reviews are scarce and its expensive. I dont want another route66, and I already have a licence for tomtom I can transfer.

    Ive looked at various things, such as this post: http://gagravarr.livejournal.com/126871.html but being honest, its a bit beyond me.

    Ive heard that a possibility is to use a developer tool to read the 'registary' of the phone so I can see what port its using for the GPS device, and thus tell tomtom. -BTW tomtom cant be used because for symbian it doesnt give the option 'other NMEA (I think) device'-

    I am not sure this would work, nor how to do it. I tried to download a developer package from forum nokia but the downloads dont seem to work today. Im not sure its the right thing to use anyways.

    What Im asking for - cheekily - is for someone to put together an idiots guide to getting tomtom to use the internal reciever for the 6110 navigator, and N95. I figure if anyone can do it, its the people on here. Reading through some of the threads, thats some heavy duty stuff going on.

    Anyways, I hope people can help, and thanks either way for reading.

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    Re: 6110 navigator/N95 GPS third party apps


    Satnav developers are listening to you right now fulla. Trust me, if they don't already they will soon be releasing updates to allow references to internal GPS antennaes. The number of phones with GPS-inbuilt capability is about to go through the roof. Not just Nokias!

    I reckon email the developers of TomTom or whoever and basically ask them, otherwise invest in an in-car navigator and be done with it! Hey - are there any in-car navigation systems out there that allow bluetooth pairing with a mobile phone? That would be a cool product - have your phone manage location services for the GPS system.

    BTW - You're lucky - we don't even have suitable GPS-navigation maps for Nokia devices in NZ (due next January I am told).

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    Re: 6110 navigator/N95 GPS third party apps

    Lol, cheers for the reply. But my initial question was made quite a while ago when there wasnt much support for it.

    Now, the following support the internal GPS on the N95, 6110 navigator, and E90:





    As for tomtom, they have the worst support out the lot. They will not even confirm if version 7 will support these devices (although its widely thought they will), let alone when its out.

    I have used all of the above, with the exception of navicore, which I am awaiting a reply from support to get it to work.

    So far, nothing has been good enough to keep.

    Route66 - bad routing (very bad sometimes)

    Copilot - shocking menu system and cannot edit favourites, or add properly

    Navigon - ok, but a bit simple. No POI able to be added, and cannot add a location to a destination by map scrolling.

    Navicore - will let you know....

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