I have made a MIDlet which downloads a picture which is around 1.5 times the size of the screen...
This picture is updated every once in a while, and can actually be seen as a big Background... Because of the fact I want to be able to place other little objects on it I was thinking to utilize the layerManager...
The little objects seem to be reasonable to implement as sprites, but my questio n is if the main (big) picture has to be implemented as a Sprite or as a TiledLayer composed of just 1 cell...
Also I have experimented with several orders of adding a newly downloaded Background Image (and made a Sprite out of it) and have experienced the Error Out of Memory if I try to first add the new Sprite to the LayerManager before removing the old one.. so now the order is :
- remove old Sprite from LayerManager
- create the new Sprite from an Image got out of Data Array representing the Image
- add newly created Sprite to the ManagerLayer

Is this the right order ? Any other ideas or input, especially about the first part of the question
Thanks in advance