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    MIDlet for Portrait and Landscape

    Hi @ all,

    I want to develop a MIDlet, which is running when the user holds the device in portrait position (normal position) as well as when he holds it in the landscape position.

    I read about the posibility to rotate images. But how can I rotate text which is printed by "drawString"?

    Thx for your help



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    Re: MIDlet for Portrait and Landscape

    How are you going to trigger the rotation? does the user select something? Some phones (which allow both landscape and portrait displays) do the rotation automatically (check for example E70).

    drawString cannot rotate the string on its own.


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    Re: MIDlet for Portrait and Landscape

    Note that in e70, the resolution is 352*416 in normal mode, so if you have background image of same size, then when you open e70 so that it goes to landscape mode, image is drawn from new top/left corner but since its dimension s dont match the new one lower part of the image is not shown since new height is 352 and remaining 64 pixels are drawn offscreen. Also the right part of the screen now has 64 pixel area where no background image is drawn. So you need to have graphics for both modes.If you do much dynamic drawing, then you could at the beginning of paint-method check width&height and draw stuff accordingly.

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