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    Problem with BT devices search on mobile phone

    Hello Everyone,
    i would like to ask about bluetooth application in J2ME.Actually i have developed BT application for sending and receiving messages between two BT devices. when i compile and run that code its working fine on my PC using Two Emulators like its searching for Devices.
    But problem arise when i deploy that application to mobile phone(Sony Ericson W810i), when i run that applcation on mobile phone its not searching for BT devices?
    Can anyone help me regarding this matter ?


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    Re: Problem with BT devices search on mobile phone

    Please, post more details: source code for client and server...

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    Re: Problem with BT devices search on mobile phone

    Since your target phone is from Sony Ericsson, it would be better if you post your question in Sony Ericsson Developer Forum available in this link

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