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    Hidden directory name for music player?

    I have the following problem:
    I have 6230i and 4GB MMC plus card, that works quite well (with only small limitations)
    I have a lot of mp3 files on this card. The problem is that the implicit playlist in music player is 'ALL' and searching for all mp3 files available takes a lot of time (10 min approx.) I expect that this beahvior cann't be changed.
    But the solution could be if there is possible to store the mp3 files I don't want to listen just now in directory of a name that the music player doesn't search into.
    Is it possible? Does exist some directory name that is hidden for music player?

    Thanks for any hints

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    Re: Hidden directory name for music player?

    you can try inserting your memory card into a card reader, and using a PC, apply "hidden" attribute to some folder, and put the undesired songs there.

    But keep in mind if that works, the phone won't show the hidden folder, and if you decide to bring those songs back, you'll have to use your PC again.

    best regards
    NokiaN80-1/3.0 (4.0707.0.7)

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