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Thread: Signing midlet

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    Signing midlet

    Hello all,
    I have thawk certificate. I've managed to signed midlet with my cert.
    Everything is installing correctly. I can run program but after it is installed
    it doesn't automaticlly add permissions to read,write user data.
    I have to set manually read,write user data to "never ask". My question:
    If there is any possiblilty midlet would set automaticlly all permission after installation?

    P.S I'm talking about all system, not only symbian.

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    Re: Signing midlet

    This question might have a better place in the Java section (http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...splay.php?f=3). "Networking & Messaging & Security" says that it incorporates signing.

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    Re: Signing midlet


    neither on symbian nor in java u can set permission automatically coz that's where the platform security comes into picture and u need to sign the sis or midlet with the proper certificate to grant the rights it needs to execute on the platfrom..

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