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    Wap gateway dilemma

    I am working on a mobile banking system as my final project and I'm new in the field.I downloaded nokia mobile toolkit version 3.1 and tried with it many Wap Gateways(like Nokia,AveAccess,Infinite wap Gateways)but the problem is that Nokia and Infinite Gateways don't support WTLS.
    And for AveAccess it worked just fine ,and I configured the device's gateway to with port 9203 for test, it always give me: Couldn't establish secure connection.
    note: I didn't install any kind of any certificates!!
    if anyone have an idea of what should be done, or any other working free gateway.. Plz Help.

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    RE: Wap gateway dilemma


    Nokia WAP Gateway does support WTLS class 2. For more information, please see www.nokia.com.

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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