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    Emulator error: USER 0

    i am beginner with the symbian programming and trying to develop a simple dialog view. When i try to start the app in the emulator, the emulator crashes and throws USER 0 error. What this error means and if anyone got any tips how to fix? i am using S60 3rd FP1 v. 9.2 SDK.


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    Re: Emulator error: USER 0


    Welcome to Discusion boards,

    This is the description from SDK help for USER 0
    This panic is raised when a thread calls User::Invariant(). 
    Typically, User::Invariant() is called when a test for a class invariant fails, i.e. when a test which checks that the internal data of an object is self-consistent, fails. 
    Check the design and implementation of your class.
    Did you tried running example applications coming along with SDK?


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