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    Question How to create large file fast?


    In my application I need to create large empty files (>50Mb) then fill them with data.

    My problem is that I do not find any method for creating file with a specific size. My current solution is that I create a file something like this (it is just an example code):

    conn = (FileConnection) Connector.open( "file:///"+aFilePath,
    Connector.READ_WRITE );

    Then I open an outputStream to the file and I write empty data to it (just for example a basic code part):

    byte[] zeros = new byte[262144];
    out = conn.openOutputStream();

    // as many times as needed

    But this solution is very slow if I have to create a large file. Is there any faster way?

    Thank you frou your help!

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    Re: How to create large file fast?

    Hi Peter,

    AFAIK this is the only way to perform that, there is no way to determine its size in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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