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    Listing the files in a directory!

    Hey every one I just want to know how to make a list of the files in a directory. I am asking this question because i am new to python programming and pys60 specially.

    Please help

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    Re: Listing the files in a directory!

    Hi amaj1407 and welcome to the forum

    import os
    print os.listdir(path)
    Please take some time to read the language tutorial and library reference fro Python 2.2.2 (PyS60 core) http://www.python.org/doc/2.2.2/

    Also visit the wiki there's a lot of good stuff there including all the links to get started

    Happy Pythoning

    Nokia E61 3rd Edition - pys60 1.4.0

    Tips and modules:

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    Re: Listing the files in a directory!

    Thank you lfd for your response, I'll try them and if I have any questions I'll ask

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