I have some issues with the software in the E65. I hope these things could be solved next time a software version is launched to the E65.

Issue 1.: When the phone is connected to a car kit via cabel or BT. I have a porfile where the phone should be total silent. But when i recieve an SMS it send out at mute signal to the car kit. So the radio mute for 3-5 sek. Its very disturbing and not got for the traffic safety. If I did those an option so the phone should give a beep or other sound it would be okay to send a mute signal to my radio.

Issue 2.: The E65 is a business phone.. but in the calender i am missing the option to make a CALL note. This option is avalible in most Nokia phones, but not in this business model. Its a good option to have so you dont miss to call a customer etc..

I do not know if this i the right place to send this feedback, if not could anyone please help me where to send it.

Best regards.

Soren Engelbredt

direct mail: soreneb@mail.dk