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    Question First time, were to start?


    I have just started improving my experince with the Nokia provisioning, but as many other people who doing someting first time they need some guideance.

    I got one N95 that i got some trouble with my DTMF signals, so i need to change the DTMF signal settings. And after reading nokia homepages, the only way to do that is with using provisioning. Becuze you cant change that in UI.

    So now i need some "noobie" advice. Were should i start? I have download almost all the documents regarding provisioning from forum.nokia.com but not smarter for that.

    First of all, cant the provisioning be done with the USB cable ??
    If yes, how?

    If no, OMA only the way left?
    How to start then with OMA? Could someone pls post step-by-step how to get started with this. What programs needed etc. And link were to download the files. Do i need to install any server application? Like the APS?

    I realy need help with this

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    Re: First time, were to start?

    Ok, i have been reading stuff in internet and know a lite bit more know, but some question still remains..

    OMA Client provisioniong server, is that an open source application? And were to get that? In OMA homepage i can only find documentions abouth the client provisioning 1.1, but now any downloads of the application.. Isit any application at all or only a standard?

    anyway, the fastes and cheapest way to change my DTMF settings in my nokia phone, wich way is that?

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