I'm currently working on an application on Ringtone conversion. The app converts to Nokia Hex.
My problem is figuring out the ringtone lengths.

In a ringtone, you can specify a style paramater; "Natural", "Continous" or "Staccato".
These three will accept different amounts of notes (although I'm not sure the number of notes play any difference here).
But what I've seen is that Natural can hold something around 100 notes (breaks and dots and all that included), Continous can hold about 160, and staccato only holds 60. The issue here is that if the actual size of bytes the ringtones takes is the factor desiding if the tone will work or not, the style would not do any difference in number of notes. I've made ringtones in Continous style with 160+ tones that looped nicely on my phone, but also ringtones containing less than 160 tones, that wouldn't work.

Could someone please tell me what actually causes the ringtone to work or not?
(By work, I mean loop when it gets to the nokia phone)
Thanks alot!