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    Animating Multiple Sprites

    Hi ,

    I have already created two small games and i have a basic knowledge of developing games. I was impressed by games like "Metal Bluster and Splinter Cell (Mobile versions)" . and i also want to create a large game like that.

    But i still could not figure out how to animate multiple sprites simultaneously. In the game "Metal Bluster" there are more than 10 enemies attacking us (but each one of them doing different things like.... one shooting, the other walking towards us, and so on).
    My question is how do they do that?
    Have they created different classes for each enemy ?(through out the whole game there are about 50 enemies ... so it's not possible isn't it?)

    Can anyone please tell me how to do this.

    Thanx in advance !


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    Re: Animating Multiple Sprites

    can anyone please help ?

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