Hi, I'm tryng to make a voip call programmatically, via the Phone structure ( I don't want to make my own voip client ) in symbian 9.x.

I would do that because in my company we have an internal voip network and my phone is preconfigured with this server.
When the voip server is activated on the phone ( my configuration is at startup time via the corporate access point ) I simply insert a number and I press green key for make a call (also internal numbers..), or in the phonebook i select the entry and then dial-->internet call.

I would then replicate this operations programmatically.
Previously for make calls I used CTelephony api's, but always direct calls via operator line.

I found in the extension plugin the "PhoneClientDialAPI " and in the wiki an article :

I tryed this code but I have some problem... the first one is that I must comment the line :
because the I can't find the header file :

I have then integrated it with the call type selection :
but the second one problem is that the code don't do anything in my phone, that is an E60 ( I tryed voice/video/ and then voip... the result is the same...)

the questions....
are this api's correct for do the operation that I would ?
can someone explain me how use this api's or how I can do this type of call ?
my dev cert is simple and haven't the 7 strong capability is that the problem ? ( network control required how indicated here http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=104866 with a similar approach ? )
If is necessary I can post my code...



p.s. I tryed also an another approach but isn't very "strong". I emulate users operations with simulate key to Phone application, but I'm able to repeat the operations only 1 time... In fact, after the call when I click on right or red button for cancel the number box the phone application lost the capability to display it when I emulate a key. Only if I manually enter a number the box is re-displayed and the phone app accept key emulation. ( also if in the main phone window I long press the red key the phone app accept key emulation ). Anyone know how correct this problem or programmatically display the insertion number box?