I just ran into a signing problem:
My application needs Read/WriteDeviceData capabilities. As a publisher ID is required for this I purchased one from Trustcenter (Installed in Firefox, Backup of Certificate with password TCPASS, used tcp12p8 to generate TC.cer and TC.key). By the way, the generated .cer has some extra lines at the beginning which prevent the Certificate Request Wizard from processing it...
Then I used the Certificate Request Wizard to make a csr-file which I sent to symbiansigned.com and received a new Symbian.cer (with 3 IMEI and the required Capability).
So far so good.
But how do I have to sign the sis? Up to now I have to sign it TWICE to get Developer AND ACS Certificate into the sis:
signsis file.sis file_1.sis TC.cer TC.key TCPASS
signsis file_1.sis file_2.sis Symbian.cer TC.key TCPASS

Is this correct?
Why can't I find documentation on this?
Do I always have to use the TC.key?

Signing by symbian should work after the first signsis command, but I want to test it on my mobile first which is not possible without the second signsis...