am trying to write a proximity program for PPC, where the application will automatically connect to the serial port of the nokia phone when within range, and begins transferring information.

First of all, is that possible?

i am still in my initiall planning stage of my application, i have tried communicating to my phone with my pc using hyperterminal via virtual bluetooth com port. I just first enable the connection in the widdcomm bluetooth network, and then i can establish a connection to that serial port using hyperterminal, and i used AT command to communate with the phone fine.

I was thinking if this idea would be a good idea on ppc, using the same idea, i will first pair my phone and my ppc, which "serial port" checked in the bluetooth service setting. and then my program will keep searching for the device and if found, connect, and then start exchanging information

I installed MobleVT on my PPC and i set up the bluetooth outgping port com 7 to my phone. In MobileVT, i connect to com7, the phone sees my PPC as "active device" for a few seconds, and then disappeared, connection is lost

I still very wondering if the PPC was even connected to the phone using serial connection, because when i connect my pc bt to my phone, it will say "Serial port connected with <PC alias>", but never on my ppc

any idea?