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    Series 40 - Bluetooth Java App - RS232

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice/direct me to the relevant board etc...

    I am considering developing a java application (it can't be that difficult, right?!?!) to communicate via a Bluetooth device to a standalone RS232 (serial) device...

    I'm hoping it isn't as complicated as it sounds, but the principle:

    Java app on a 6280 (that's what I've got to play with [or other compatible phone]) communicates via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth dongle which is battery operated, with a serial port on the other end.

    (Similar I suppose to one of these).

    I'm assuming that a male-female converter for the RS232 would work without question.

    Hopefully someone could point me in the right direction.


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    I think you are in the correct discussion board already. Buy a book about MIDP and its Bluetooth APIs or if you learn better by example then download the Bluetooth API specification which contains some examples and is a short version of the book. Furthermore, there are several tutorials here at Forum Nokia and Sun.com.

    You have to figure out how that serial adapter works. First you should read the documents above and then understand, whether you need a MIDlet at all or whether that adapter is suitable for your situation (what data should be transferred, who should start the connection: Nokia or Adapter, …). For example, if that serial device should just send some data over the GSM network, then there might be no need a MIDlet. If the Nokia has to talk and start the communication, the adapter should have a unique private service UUID. If the serial device starts the comunication and you need a MIDlet, then the adapter should allow connecting to unique private service UUIDs. Some do, some do not. I have not read that documentation and do not know what you need.

    You will understand this secton after reading the books.

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    Re: Series 40 - Bluetooth Java App - RS232

    Hi Traud,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and for the info provided, I'll have a look at the links and will return if I have any questions.

    Thanks again.


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