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    Question Error:When Exported function of dynamically loaded DLL is called


    I am loading a DLL dynamically using Rlibrary::Load() API in a console application. DLL gets loaded without error.
    I got the pointer of the NewL() present in DLL using RLibrary::LookUp().

    But When I call that function, application is exiting with error " Exit type 2,3, KERN-EXEC".

    PLease provide any work around for this probelm.

    DLL has ALL capability, application has Local Services capability

    Code is as follows:

    RLibrary lib;
    RBusDevComm idevcom; //dummy
    CSTLC2500 *icstlc2500;
    if (!lib.Load(STBtDriver))
    console->Printf(_L("STLC2500 loaded"));
    console->Printf(_L("STLC2500 not loaded"));
    TLibraryFunction entry=lib.Lookup(4);
    typedef CSTLC2500* (*Tstlc2500newl) (RBusDevComm&);
    Tstlc2500newl newl = reinterpret_cast<Tstlc2500newl>(entry);
    icstlc2500 = newl(idevcom);
    console->Printf(_L("Newl returned"));

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Error:When Exported function of dynamically loaded DLL is called

    Well, you aren't checking if the return from RLibrary::Lookup is null, which probably doesn't help.

    Seriously, use ECOM. That's what it's for. If you used ECOM, your code would look like C++ rather than this horrendous mess...
    Edit: Also, don't post 3 copies of the same post, that isn't the way to ensure goodwill from other board members.
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