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    Info on the Unlock Midlet

    Hi all,

    I have just got a copy of the Unlock Midlet from Nokia. There appear to be a few points to note with it (based on my personal observation, so could be wrong!):

    1) The midlet is only intended for 'official' R&D departments within a company, not someone who just wants to have a play.
    2) The midlet is a pre-release
    3) I have been told I must not distribute the midlet, infact I must delete it as soon as I have unlocked my phones.


    It would apper if anyone wants a copy then must make a specific request to Nokia and not just ask on the Forums "When will it be released".


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    Re: Info on the Unlock Midlet

    Thanks for sharing your experience. IMO Nokia has published misleading information in there latest SDK documentation concerning the UnlockMIDlet. I had assumed it would be contained in the 1.1 SDK or be made available when the next firmware update drops.


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    Re: Info on the Unlock Midlet

    Hi phoenix,

    Do you know if this unlock midlet will allow me access to the mifare side of the internal card, im not interested in the secure element side yet, I just want to work on the mifare 4k card.

    Basically I need the authentication key to read and write to the MFBlocks on the card. Do I need the unlock midlet to get these keys (or change them to a value that I know and can use)?

    If I do need the unlock midlet how do I go about getting it? How do I contact nokia for this (email address/phone number).



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    Re: Info on the Unlock Midlet

    Midlet means network? Sorry i don't know about that but i unlock my mobile in here http://www.mobile-unlocker.com/ @ lowest costs.Their services also good to keep and safety manner

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