I am writing an application based on Symbian OS 9.1 version for E62 devices.
My application provides PIM data encryption. I am facing an issue that, when the Mail for exchange application is installed on the device, it does automatic background sync with the exchange server from the device and the PIM data in encrypted format is getting synced back with the exchange server.

Hence , I would like to know, if there is a way I can disable the background sync ON THE DEVICE while the PIM data encryption is on and enable it only after I decrypt the PIM data?. I have all the platform security capabilities and hence can manipulate files within private folders. So, is there a settings file for mail for exchange ON THE DEVICE which I could edit to enable/disable the background sync?

If not , is there a way that my application can get a notification from Mail for exchange application on the device when it starts and stops the sync operation so that upon receipt of that notification , I can decrypt the data and encrypt it back again after the sync is done?..

Please advise me on this issue.