I've been trying to send a Service Indication via SMS but I'm in a dead end.
I can send the SMS and I know the phone receives it (3510i and 7650) but then nothing happens. 7650 even shows a record in communications log, so I'm sure it got the SMS. I checked and double checked the encoding and it seams fine to me.

Here is the PDU (that I'm sending with DCS=F5 and PI=00):



00 - Default SMSC
51 - Submit msg with user data header
00 - msg reference
09 - length of dest MSISDN
A1 - type of dest MSISDN
19696480F4 - destination MSISDN
00 - Protocol Identifier
F5 - Data Coding Scheme
A7 - Validity period
4F - User Data Length

--- UDH starts here ---
06 - UDH Length
05 - Address identifier
04 - parameter length
0B84 - receiver port
23F0 - sender port
--- UDH ends here ---

This is an SI coded as specs (I believe...)


and means:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<indication action="signal-high" href="">
Teste SI

Can someone check if I'm doing it all right? Alternatively, can someone post a working and commented example?

I have some suspition on the Protocol Identifier. I know that an MMS indication is sent with PI=39h. I tried it but it seams the SMSC doesn't like it because the message is never delivered.

Unfortunately I don't have access to a PPG so I can't even receive an SI to compare!

Thanks for your help.