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    Trace memory leak

    Am working on clearing all memory leaks of a 3'rd edition application which has to be submitted for signing. Currently am tracking memory using emulator. Each time when i exit my application am getting the same message
    "Unhandled exception at 0x0083ba11 in epoc.exe: User breakpoint.".
    So i assume the memory leak is in address 0083ba11. how can i find which memory cell has to be freed with respect to the code.

    Eagerly awaiting for the response.


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    Re: Trace memory leak

    No, 0x0083ba11 is basically the address of the Int 3 instruction (this is a one-byte opcode, the debugger exception of x86 CPU-s). Practically this means that you have enabled Just-In-Time debugging in the emulator, so it deliberately runs onto an Int 3 instruction upon a panic.
    For getting the real panic code you should press continue one or more times. If no panic code appears in the output window, nor the panic dialog appears in the emulator, visit the good old http://www.forum.nokia.com/document/...r_messages.htm
    And for tracking memory leaks, feel free to open http://wiki.forum.nokia.com and type leak into the search field.

    I do not really see, how does this question relate to "Symbian Signing, Certification and Security"...

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