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    how to turn off warnings in command line build

    When compiling project from the command line I call these two commands:
    call bldmake bldfiles
    call abld build gcce udeb
    What to do if I want to turn off warnings, b/c the output is not very easy to read?
    Krzysztof Kucharewicz

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    Re: how to turn off warnings in command line build

    Warnings are not generated just for fun, they should better be fixed (for example it is not impossible adding an empty line at the end of header files where Nokia guys have failed doing so).
    Anyway, you certainly know where the compiler is, thus you can visit epoc32\gcc\bin folder, type cpp --help, and it will turn out that -w switch disables warning messages.
    Checking the related makefile (gcce.make in epoc32\build\...) shows where the config file is
    Quote Originally Posted by gcce.make
    #This is tool chain config file
    include \Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd_MR\epoc32\tools\compilation_config\\GCCE.mk
    and there you can find a section controlling the warning/error outputs
    Quote Originally Posted by gcce.mk
    # Options controlling generation of Compiler Warnings/Errors
    so you can - for example - comment the old CC_WARNINGS_CONTROL_OPTION line, and create a new one containing a simple -w

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