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    Issue with Nokia Samples!!!


    I am trying to play with the samples provided with the Nokia 6131 NFC SDK 1.1. I am using NetBeans 5.5.1 + Mobility pack to compile and build the jar file.

    I tested the following sample: MFStandardExample
    I am able to make it work with the Nokia 6131 NFC SDK emulator platform provided (ie - Built with the Nokia 6131 NFC SDK emulator platform). However when I deploy it on my 6131 NFC mobile I've got the following application error:

    No Class Def Found Error

    Has someone already experienced that? Would you have any explanations on the fact that this sample works perfectly with the Nokia Emulator but not with the real phone?
    I suspect that the firmware of the 6131 NFC doesn't include all the needed librairies.

    Thanks in advance for your answers!



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    Unhappy Re: Issue with Nokia Samples!!!

    I got same problem here. I found about this subject in three other threads so far:

    Please, Could someone from Nokia give us some feedback?
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