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    Carbide c++ v.1.2 installation error


    Can't install Carbide.C++. I always got a error message while file ARMTrace32Protocol.dll extracting during installation.
    Text of error message:
    Feature transfer error
    Feature: Core Components
    Error: Catastrophic failure
    Pls, help me

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    Exclamation Re: Carbide c++ v.1.2 installation error

    I encountered with this problem too. while transferring com.nokia.carbide.cpp.x86build_1.2.0.29.jar , it always stop and pop up that dialog.

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    Re: Carbide c++ v.1.2 installation error

    Hi all,

    I have problem to install Nokia Carbide C++ too.
    The problem is CRC error on extraction: org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user_3.9.9.29.jar.

    Best Regards,
    Joao Kho

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