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    Can't play video streaming in full screen mode


    I am developing a video player for a Nokia E60 mobile.

    I am using the typical code for a video player as I have seen in many places on the Internet.

    I can play mpg and 3gp videos in full screen mode, but when I try to open a video stream which uses the rtsp protocol I cannot get it displayed in full screen.

    The code that performs the actual playing of the video is as follows:


    // Note: This code is inside a class derived from Canvas

    Player player = Manager.createPlayer(url); // where url is "rtsp://..."
    VideoControl control = (VideoControl) player.getControl("VideoControl");
    control.initDisplayMode(VideoControl.USE_DIRECT_VIDEO, this);
    control.setDisplaySize(getWidth(), getHeight());
    display.setCurrent(this); // display is initialized in the main class derived from
    // MIDlet


    When I run it in the mobile, I can see that the canvas is actually in full screen mode. But the video does not fill all the canvas, but it appears as a little rectangle in the left-up corner. Surprisingly enough, I don't have such problem with mpg or 3gp video files over http.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated. This issue is driving me crazy


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    Re: Can't play video streaming in full screen mode

    Does the RealPlayer on the device display the RTSP video properly? What is the original size of the video?


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    Re: Can't play video streaming in full screen mode

    Yes, the Real Player displays the video stream in full screen.

    Regarding the size, I have added the following lines of code right after "control.setVisible(true);", to know the size of the canvas and the Player:

    Alert a = new Alert ("",
    "Canvas.width = " + getWidth() +
    "\nCanvas.height = " + getHeight() +
    "\nSource.width = " + control.getSourceWidth() +
    "\nSource.height = " + control.getSourceHeight() +
    "\nVideo.width = " + control.getDisplayWidth() +
    "\nVideo.height = " + control.getDisplayHeight(), null, null);

    And the result is:

    Canvas.width = 352
    Canvas.height = 416
    Source.width = 160
    Source.height = 120
    Video.width = 352
    Video.height = 416

    But the video is actually much smaller than the canvas, both in height and width.

    I have got the same results even after calling player.start().

    BTW: I can translate the image, but I cannot resize it.


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    Re: Can't play video streaming in full screen mode

    I forgot: The streaming I am trying to play is Real Media (.rm extension) over the rtsp protocol.

    Well, in fact the URL is the following:


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