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    CRTPAPI Undefined symbol Errors


    I've these libraries

    LIBRARY srtp.lib
    LIBRARY rtpservice.lib

    in the .mmp file of my project and second copy these libs and rtpapi.h header file.

    and in include folder as well.

    I'm having compilation erro from all RtpAPI function that i'm using in the project.I'm pasting couple of them down here.

    mwldsym2.exe: Undefined symbol: 'void CRtpAPI::CancelSend(unsigned long) (?CancelSend@CRtpAPI@@QAEXK@Z)'
    mwldsym2.exe: referenced from 'CRTPApiEngine::~CRTPApiEngine(void) (??1CRTPApiEngine@@UAE@XZ)' in RTPApiEngine.cpp:37
    mwldsym2.exe: referenced from 'CRTPApiEngine::~CRTPApiEngine(void) (??1CRTPApiEngine@@UAE@XZ)' in RTPApiEngine.cpp:40
    mwldsym2.exe: Undefined symbol: 'void CRtpAPI::CloseStream(unsigned long) (?CloseStream@CRtpAPI@@QAEXK@Z)'

    These errors come up if i build my project from emulator,like this ...

    bldmake bldfile
    abld build winscw udeb

    Please let me know what is the problem of these errors do i need to have anyother lib in my .mmp apart from mentioned above.

    second it works fine for gcce compiler but i need to test my application and want trace for RTP packet so i really need to run this on emulator.Does any one be winner in running it.

    Thnaks in advance,

    Haroon Azmat

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    Re: CRTPAPI Undefined symbol Errors

    Hi, the post is a bit old but I hope this may be useful.

    When I tried to compile the project for the EMULATOR(S) I had the same errors despite I extracted the requeired headers and libs from the S60 RTP/RTCP API of the FP1 SDK plugin, while it works perfectly when I compiled it and signed it with my dev cert for the GCCE PHONE RELEASE and on my N95, I don't know for the ARMV.

    So (be careful, I could be wrong) I think the project works only for the PHONE RELEASE and only if you sign it with a certificate since it requires MultimediaDD, SurroundingsDD, ... and other capabilities.
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    Re: CRTPAPI Undefined symbol Errors


    I forgot you must also install on your phone the "apsserver2.sisx" you may find in the (DEPRECATED) AudioProxyServer_v2.43 plugin!


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    Re: CRTPAPI Undefined symbol Errors

    The same to you !

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