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    Carbide: UIQ and S60 builds from same bld?

    Seeing Carbide allows us to select both UIQ and S60 for the same code we assume there must be a way to do this....

    Problem: Majority of our code is shared between platforms. But we have some dlls that are slightly different on each platform. We first attempted to use #ifdefs in mmp files to isolate the build differences - idea was single mmp - but that doesn't seem to support user defines. So we then moved to use separate mmp files for each platform. This works but we end up with both S60 and UIQ versions of the mmps being loaded for all platforms.

    Now we do see a method of removing specific mmps via the properties menu but this is global to all builds so we have to manually change the selection as we move between platforms. This is an error prone solution and one we'd rather not have to do.

    So does anybody have a clean and simple solution for Carbide that allow you to quickly switch platforms without manually changing selected mmps each time?

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    Re: Carbide: UIQ and S60 builds from same bld?

    Try this link..


    looks promising to me..see if u can tweak it around to make it work for carbide as well..would be interesting to know your observations on this..as i remember having done the similar stuff on codewarrior some time back.and it did work..!


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