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    How to get E65 to connect to Apple Macbook WIFI?

    I've already configured my Macbook to be a base-station where other Apple laptops to tap-in via WIFI and surf internet.

    However, no matter how I tried to configure my Nokia E65, I can't seems to get it to surf internet. I can successfully connect to my Macbook via WIFI, but when i try to open any website in my E65, I get either 'Bad Gateway Reply' or 'No WLAN available'.

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    Re: How to get E65 to connect to Apple Macbook WIFI?

    I would also like some guidance on how to do this. I do think there is a bug in the phone though because I cannot conect to my network (imac shared internet) or the network at uni (which is vpn) at all. The phone finds and connects to both networks, however on my home one I get the no gateway error and at uni the VPN server fails to sync...

    I hear there should be a patch to help fix this soon; but that was quite a while ago.

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