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    Help! 7210 IrDA problem !

    Hi All,

    I have a problem with my 7210's IrDA connection to PC, my serial IrDA(MA600) which detects the 7210. An icon and message "device 7210 in range" is shown on the window's task bar. However, the PC Suite 5.0 (download from nokia) cannot detect the phone.

    handset version: V3.0.8
    OS: window 2000 (Pro) SP2 with Microsoft IRCOMM updated
    I have checked that the current IrDA driver: irsir.sys

    "The operating system detects the phone and starts to find the correct modem driver. Nokia7210IrDA.inf is Microsoft IRCOMM update compatible and will now be installed as a Plug and Play installation (installation may take few minutes). " <----> I cannot see this happened !

    Thank you.


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    RE: Help! 7210 IrDA problem !


    When using exteranal IrDA adapter the Nokia PC Suite might not detect the phone, as the software requires the port to be seen to Windows as physical COM-port. With correct configuration you could be able to get the connection working, however as the IrDA adapter is not supported you might later face connection problems.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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    RE: Help! 7210 IrDA problem !

    First of all, HI.

    My name is Angenoir, and, like you I was having some troubles with my Nokia 7210 and Win XP.
    I use an USB-Irda adaptator (like this one: http://www.usbirda.com/usbinfrared/ir-210.html )for the connexion

    between Xp and Nokia.
    Since I've installed this drivers http://www.usbirda.com/ir210uxp.zip everything got good.
    This drivers install a new adaptator and now in the config i have 2 adaptatores. But it work!
    Don't try to uninstall the old one as it will be recognize again on startup. Just let him stay.
    Hope this Help.

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