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    Unable to connect to Wi-Fi access point after scanning the access point


    I want to connect to the Wi-Fi access point through my application but the problem is that even after successful scanning of the access point but still when I tried to connect through access point by my following code :-

    CCommsDatabase *db = CCommsDatabase::NewL();


    CApDataHandler *handler = CApDataHandler::NewLC(*db);

    TUint32 apId = handler->CreateFromDataL(*wlan); //returns UID of AP

    iLog.WriteFormat(_L("UID =%d"),apId);

    CApUtils *aputil = CApUtils::NewLC(*db);

    TUint32 wapuid = wlan->WapUid(); //returns ID of this AP
    Iap = aputil->IapIdFromWapIdL(wapuid); //returns The Iap record ID.

    iLog.WriteFormat(_L("Iap record ID =%d"),Iap);

    CApSettingsHandler *settings =CApSettingsHandler::NewLC(EFalse,EApSettingsSelListIsListPane,
    EApSettingsSelMenuNormal, 0, 0, 0);

    settings->RunSettingsL(apId, apId);

    TCommDbConnPref prefs;

    error = server.Connect(KESockDefaultMessageSlots);

    error = connection.Open(server, KConnectionTypeDefault);




    error = connection.Start(prefs);

    but it return error code -30180 at the following line

    error = connection.Start(prefs);

    Plz reply if anybody have any clue........

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    Re: Unable to connect to Wi-Fi access point after scanning the access point

    This thread could be of help to you:

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