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    Series 60 Concept SDK Problems : NOKIA PLEASE ANSWER!


    I am posting this message again as the original was not answered!

    The original post is at :

    In summary - the newly released Series 60 Concept SDK does not allow you to use any more than 0.5MB of free memory (minus the size of your .jar file). The initial 0.5MB of the 1MB available is always taken - and the heap does not grow.

    This behaviour is contradictary to both the supplied release notes, the "Characteristics of Java enabled Phones" document you have published AND the real 7650 device - which both state that the heap is not restricted in the emulator - and can be up to 4MB on the real device.

    Additionally, the initial memory used figure from test MIDlets on the emulator vs the real device show that this is even innacurate - and on both Series 60 emulators it at least adds the size of the .jar file - plus other memory (total used is around 300k more than reported on real device). This was not an issue on the initial Series 60 SDK as the heap would grow as you needed it. On the new concept emulator it doesn't grow at all - no matter how much garbage collection etc is invoked.

    Due to this memory restriction - I am unable to use the new SDK to develop the game I was working on - and have to now go back to the original Series60 SDK which as we know suffers numerous bugs which make development very cumbersome (such as inability to use sound - and required conversion of transparency values).

    FN: I would really, really appreciate it if you could please reply to this email. Even if you haven't got a solution - just a reply saying you are looking into it would at least let us know this issue 'may' be addressed.

    Please remember - it is OK to release an upgrade patch for your products (a practice I have never seen at FN for some reason) - especially when there may be a huge delay between releases (such as the 6 month delay between the Series 60 SDK and the Concept one).

    Additionally, 'please consider' having a 'known' issues document available for each of the emulators - don't just leave it up to the initial release notes as bugs will always be uncovered afterwards. I'm sure you will save loads of time re-answering the same 'bug' questions repeatedly by just making the common answers available. It would also save developers a huge amount of time instead of having to first experience the bug, then trawl through forums looking for vague unqualified answers. (for example there is no reason why a document couldn't have been made stating the known bugs with the original Series 60 SDK with regards to transparency support and others).

    Eagerly awaiting an answer...

    Niall G
    Melbourne, Australia

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    3650/7650 issue

    Did you ever get an answer to this? I have a large game I am working on (requiring more than 0.5MB) and I don't know how to increase the heap size. Any suggestions? Is there a better SDK out there?

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    -helpsize <size_in_bytes>

    I didn't try that with the series 60 emu, but this option works on the other nokia emulators to specify the size of the heap. Of course, you'll have to start it from the command line then; from the NDS there is no way to hand additional command line parameters to the emulator as far as I know.

    Hope this helps a bit,


    P.S.: I totally agree with Niall on the emulator issue and must say that it's quite a shame that Nokia isn't able to provide emulators of better quality, especially for Series60 phones. Development is absolutely no fun using tools that tend to crash all the time and do a poor job in modelling the real device (the transparency issue is just one of many) - therefore: NOKIA PLEASE ANSWER

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