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    Inconsistent Menu:Feature not supported error

    I've built an application using S60 3rd FP1 SDK and the applications builds and runs perfectly when testing on a Nokia N95 phone, but just displays a Menu:Feature not supported error when running on either a Nokia N73 or a Nokia 3250.

    The same SDK has been used to build other applications which work on all 3 phones, and I'm not using a capability not used in other apps. The applications doesn't even get to the first line of code, so it's not an API difference causing this error. I figure it's something to do with the resource / icon, but after a day of trial and error, I'm not getting a further at figuring this out.

    It looks like I'll have to begin a new project and slowly migrate the code over, but I thought I'd first check to see if anyone else could shed any light on this problem.

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    Re: Inconsistent Menu:Feature not supported error

    The error message is exactly what it says - there is something you are trying to use that is not availiable on a generic 3rd edition phone.

    Build the project(s) with the 3rd ed MR release and that should fix it. FP1 devices (E90, N95) will work with the MR SDK but 3.0 devices (N73 E61 etc) will not always work

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    Re: Inconsistent Menu:Feature not supported error

    I have the same problem.

    I built an application using qt creator. It displays a alarm: "Feature not supported" when running on the nokia 6120 classic phone.

    The Developer Platform is S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 (http://www.forum.nokia.com/Devices/D.../6120_classic/)

    I use the class QMessageService as this code:
    QPointer<QMessageService> m_service;
    m_service = new QMessageService(this);

    Please Help...

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