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    Rogue key event trap driving me crazy

    Can anyone help? In my open source Lifeguide script - http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/find/lifeguide_11_s603rd.zip - sometimes the first press on 'Options' brings up the menu, sometimes the first key event is lost and it takes another one.

    Utterly bizarre. No doubt down to my bad programming practices - but can anyone help? It's only a small script.

    (Lifeguide is a look up for Gideon Bible text)

    Steve Litchfield

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    Re: Rogue key event trap driving me crazy

    Hi buddy,

    Drop the keyboard class in your script:
    and use bindings instead
    canvas = appuifw.Canvas(event_callback=keyboard.handle_event, redraw_callback=handle_redraw)
    canvas.bind( EKeyLeftArrow, your_action )
    Nokia E61 3rd Edition - pys60 1.4.0

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