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    Using DialNewCall being self signed

    Hi developers,

    Can i DialNewCall() while being self signed ? DialNewCall need Network Services as capability.

    As i understand Netwok services can be used as a blanket to make a GPRS/3G connection only. To use other servcies like DialNewCall() it has to be symbian Signed.

    If i do put NetworkServices in my mmp i get a error "Menu: Unable to execute file for security reasons". This is on launch of application.

    I build by application on command line. After i have added NetworkServices to the mmp, I have cleaned the build and rebuilt it again.

    If i dont put NetworkServices the application works fine except DialNewCall. The application just does not do anything when i try to make a call.

    I need quick help on this guys.

    Any kinds of hints will also be great.


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    Re: Using DialNewCall being self signed

    Check this link for capabilities and other symbian signed details..



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    Re: Using DialNewCall being self signed

    Hi mayan,

    Thanks for the link. Do you know the apis which have blanket grant for NetworkServices.


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    Re: Using DialNewCall being self signed

    NetworkServices is user grantable, thus works with self-signing (the installer will warn the user, and the installation can be cancelled, but that is all). For a quick description of capabilities and their requirements, you can always refer to the "Assigning capabilities" section in the SDK Help (the Search field can locate it both with and without the quotes).

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