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Thread: alloc panic

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    alloc panic

    i am doing http request , after successful transaction when i am close my application i got alloc panic how to find where is memory leak.

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    Re: alloc panic

    You can use the HookLogger tool to find memory leaks.
    You can find it here :

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    Re: alloc panic

    In good old CW days..we used to do memory lookups on the leaking memory..where u could check where the memory gets allocated and by doing the lookup u could make out where all the memory is being updated..and then u can check at the end whether the memory has been deallocated correctly or not..

    and yes the other links that vasant and mayur have posted hold good as well..:)

    only thing is if u have an app that wont run on the emulator..then figuring out these things on the device is a pain..i am still to come across a memory analyser/tool that runs on the device..


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