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    S60 v3: Vibration doesn't work when connected to PC Suite

    I hope this is the place to report this, seems to be a platform bug or "undocumented feature" but I want to be sure.
    I'm developing on a Nokia E61 using the 3rd Edition FP1 SDK (yeah, yeah, kill me).
    I've found out that when connected to the PC Suite through a USB cable, vibration isn't activated - without any indication from the API. The program may think everything goes well.
    This can be rather easily reproduced with the S60 HWRMTestApp supplied with the SDK (it also happens with the deprecated CVibraCtrl API). It is not documented anywhere that I could find. I think it should be mentioned, I'm sure I'm not the only developer with a device constantly connected to the PC with the USB (haven't tried this with other connectivity methods), not understanding why the %&!! it wouldn't work...


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    Re: S60 v3: Vibration doesn't work when connected to PC Suite

    Well u r not the only one buddy..i also faced the same thing..and only after trying to get it working all this while when i was doing On device debugging ...where it wont work..i happened to accidently remove the USB cable..and lo and behold it worked..

    I guess Nokia/Symbian would have their own justification for doing it this way..would be nice if some expert points out why it has been implemented this way though..and well if the Documentation team is listening please document such things..to save us hapless developers from so much pain..::


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    Re: S60 v3: Vibration doesn't work when connected to PC Suite

    I suppose vibration is disabled to avoid possible loss of data, since vibrating could make phone loses connection with the PC.

    As for why vibrating is disabled when charger is plugged, i don't know

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    NokiaN80-1/3.0 (4.0707.0.7)

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