I noticed a few people were having trouble moving files from their 7650 to PC - and thought I'd share a trick I have used to get this going. Please note that it (could) be risky as you will be playing with system files - so use at own risk (however has not yet caused me issues).

Like a lot of other users I haven't been able to get my Widcomm based Bluetooth Serial or PC-Connect going at all (can't use the registry fix either for AcceptOthers) - and the only way to move files is via the Public Folder/Inbox. (ie Send via Bluetooth in File Managers always results in Send Failed).

Unfortunately - there doesnt seem to be any functions on the 7650 file managers/apps etc to put files into the inbox from the devices storage.

The following workaround will allow this to be done - although its a little cumbersome - but it works - and is my only option at least! The concept is that you place a dummy file into your Public Folder and then replace it on the device so you can copy it back!

Full Details are below!


Niall G
Melbourne, Australia

On your PC: (This step is simply so you have a placeholder message with which to retrieve your file)

1) create a empty (text) file and give it the filename 'a' (no extension).

2) Copy it to your devices Public Folder and a new message will appear in your 7650 inbox.

On your 7650:
1) Open the message - and it should give you an error such as 'Unknown Message Format'. (dont worry part of process - ensures it is extracted to the file system)

2) load a 7650 file manager such as eFileManager - and goto the directory on your phone containing the source file (this could be an image - another message or even a downloaded .jar from the \midp\ directory) - and select 'copy'.

3) goto the inbox folder on your phone (should be c:\system\mail\00001001_S\) and you will find folders named from '0' through to 'F'

4) now you need to search for the file that you originally sent to your phone. to do this go into each sub directory and if it has another sub directory inside - go into this one. Observe the name of the file in there - and when you have found a subdirectory with a file called 'a' in it - you
have found the correct directory.

5) Paste the file you wish to copy into this directory. (the one you selected in step 2).

6) Rename the file 'a' to 'd' (Ensure you complete step 7 AS WELL otherwise your phone could be corrupted).

7) Rename your file as 'a' (you will now see why we just made it a simple filename to enter on a keypad instead of one with a file extension).

Back on your PC:

1) Goto the Public Folder in windows Explorer. Hit F5 to refresh - you should see the file 'a' that you copied before and manipulated above (don't worry that it's size is still the original 0 bytes size).

2) Copy this file to any directory on your PC! (the ftp transfer dialog should now read the correct size of the file!).

3) Rename it to the original filename!

4) You're done - you have successfully moved a file to your PC without Bluetooth Serial or Bluetooth sending!

Back on your Device (Do this once all file copying is done and you want to use your phone normally again) :

1) Delete the file 'a' (the file you just copied to pc). Rename the file 'd' back to 'a' to ensure no phone corruptions or malfunctions. (so message size is correct again!).

--keep repeating the above lot of steps (without original message creation) for each file you wish to copy, and you can leave it there for later usage (no need to delete the message)! If you move the message to another folder - you will need to locate the correct root folder in c:\system\mail (each dir relates to a whole folder in your messages section) --