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    changing an FT costs 100s of Euros

    I've just been told that I need to pay 100s of Euros to retest my application just because I have changed the legal statement (which is displayed during installation).

    I find that completely ridiculous.

    Furthermore, I am also told that if my application were for 2nd edition, that they would be able to use a tool to see that none of my binaries had changed and only charge me as if it were passive content, which only costs a few 10's of Euros.

    This is *really*, *really* painful. Surely something can be done. Why can't there be such a tool for 3rd edition too?

    Are they *trying* to kill S60? It sure seems like it.

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    Re: changing an FT costs 100s of Euros


    symbiansigned is aimed at security for this reason they are making the developers to go through again the same cost of first signing test..

    It seems Symbian is mainly concerned towards making partners. whiile Symbian signed is generating more revenue resource than making more friendly for the developers..

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    Re: changing an FT costs 100s of Euros

    Take it also up at Symbian's discussion boards: http://developer.symbian.com/forum/forum.jspa?forumID=2

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